11.01.2022 Innovative coating process for small parts

At the EJOT site in Tambach-Dietharz a new coating technology was developed that enables a very even and thin coating structure for small fasteners, typically featuring internal drives such as TORX® or TORX PLUS®. Corrosion expert Dörken supplies the parts-specific coating material to EJOT and was also involved in the planning of the project. This also applies to the third company in the alliance: WMV, the globally-active manufacturer of surface coating plants.

State-of-the-art technology

The results of the approximately five years of work are impressive: Together, the companies identified an ideal, parts-specific coating and developed the world’s first machine capable of coating 120 kg material with a simultaneous position shifting at an acceleration of 32 g. The WMV PULZ® unit (a planet wheel, roller and coating centrifuge) – for which a patent is pending – is used to coat items such as small parts with hollow spaces as well as fasteners. Due to the high requirements on corrosion protection a zinc flake system from Dörken is used. Permanent rotation with simultaneously high acceleration level (32g) results in the even, process-safe and thin coating of the parts in the modern PULZ® unit. This also benefits the environment, as the optimised coating process results in a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 30% compared to previous processes.


Further information as well as contact details can be found at  www.ejot.de/coating-competence und www.wmv.com

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State-of-the-art technology sets new quality standards in zinc flake coating of small parts.
Christos Tselebidis Key Account Manager Global Sales c.tselebidis@doerken.de T +49 2330 63 243
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