Construction paints and varnishes Waterbased, Facade paint lucite® wetterschutz plus

Silk-gloss, water-dilutable, weather-resistant protective coating for all wooden components with limited dimensional stability, such as soffits, facade board claddings, wooden balconies, picket fences, window shutters, framework beams and dimensionally stable components such as windows and outside doors. Also suitable for coating of zinc and aluminium adjoining components in the facade area such as gutters or downpipes.

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    LUCITE® Wetterschutz plus


  • water-dilutable, environmentally friendly
  • very easy to work, flows well
  • diffusion-capable
  • withstands driving rain
  • moisture-regulating in the system
  • Quick-drying
  • very good adhesion
  • Direct adhesion to aluminium and galvanised substrates (e.g. roof gutters)
  • reliable edge covering
  • permanently elastic
  • non-chalking
  • schmutzunempfindlich

Technical data

Produktcode BSW30
Verbrauch 130 ml/m²
Farbtöne 1000 T white / 1021 T tar black / 1031 T Swedish red / 1061 T green / 1065 T moss green / 1088 T brown / 1089 T dark brown
Gebindegroessen Ready 1,0 L / 2,5 L / 12 L
Gebindegroessen Mix 1,0 L / 2,5 L / 12 L



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