Interior wall paint lucite® all-in 10 velours

Universal single-layer dispersion enamel for use over large areas in properties with changing substrates, such as underground car parks, production halls, food markets, schools, etc. The product has outstanding properties on mineral substrates such as concrete, renders in mortar groups P2-P5, wall fillers and plasterboard panels. In addition, it can also be used to coat fibreglass, coil coating surfaces, wood, non-ferrous metals, galvanised steel substrates, sand-limestone, rigid PVC etc For use indoors only.

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    LUCITE® All-In 10 Velours


  • integrated Dry Fall technology
  • Generally, no priming needed
  • By brush or airless system: 1 work step using airless spray process
  • fast drying time: Can be painted over after 1-2 hours
  • various test certificates available
  • robust everyday quality

Technical data

Produktcode BSW30
Verbrauch 120 ml/m²
Gebindegroessen Ready 1,0 L / 5 L / 12 L
Gebindegroessen Mix 1,0 L / 5 L / 12 L



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