Interior wall paint LUCITE® 408 MULTIRESISTPRO

For high-quality ceiling and wall coatings in sensitive residential areas, public buildings, medical practices, offices, nursery schools, shops, hospitals, retirement/care homes, rooms with a generally high bacteria count, schools, storage/sales areas for foods, food treatment and food processing operations, etc. Ideal for the coating of unpainted mineral substrates such as plasters/renders in mortar groups P I, P II and P III, sand-limestone masonry, concrete substrates, glass fibre mesh, unfinished fibre wall coverings, woodchip wall coverings, non-woven/embossed wall coverings and polystyrene. In addition, plasterboard panels and sound old dispersion coatings can also be coated after corresponding pretreatment.

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    LUCITE® 408 MultiResistPro


  • contains no solvents or plasticisers
  • free from preservatives of any type
  • free from fogging-active substances
  • resistant to mould without use of environmentally hazardous substances
  • resistant to bacteria/MRSA (hospital germs) with certificate
  • resistance to non-enveloped viruses under ISO: 181842014-09 with certificate
  • resistance to non-enveloped viruses under ISO: 181842014-09 with certificate
  • hypo-allergenic
  • not corrosive, in contrast to silicate systems
  • very easy to apply
  • scrub-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly / odorless drying

Technical data

Product code BSW10
Consumption 125 - 150 ml/m²



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