We bear responsibility
for the people and nature

We bear
responsibility for
the people and nature

Protecting values is at the heart of everything we do. And it’s a principle that we apply not only to our high-quality goods and services. As a family enterprise with more than 1,000 employees, we also accept our responsibility for the people, society and the environment by way of focused quality and safety measures on all levels – day in, day out. 


The environment is our most valuable asset

The environment is our most valuable asset

DÖRKENGROUP develops products and services that enrich our modern world with sustainable benefits. Our offering consistently sets new high-tech standards and satisfies customers’ wishes in every detail.

But industrial progress is not the only important factor nowadays – it is also imperative to always keep sustainability in mind, by protecting the environment and conserving resources. The DÖRKENGROUP companies rank among the pioneers in this context; a long time ago they committed to meeting and surpassing all the statutory provisions governing production, storage and waste disposal. 

Harmless products

Harmless products

As a chemical company, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. While pursuing innovation and engaging in development work, environmental compatibility is always at the top of our agenda.

All of our products meet strict criteria and are made to rule out any risk to human health and the environment. Over the decades, DÖRKENGROUP companies have consistently contributed to developing products that are not only better than others, but kinder to the environment as well.

Protec is EMAS-certified

In line with the importance we place on environmental friendliness, PROTEC Systempasten GmbH was the first German paste manufacturer to be awarded a certificate under the revised EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS II. It has now passed the EMAS III audit as well and thus undertaken to meet or exceed the requirements of all the applicable environmental standards and regulations. All our colour pastes have a low VOC content and are free from APEOs and plasticizers.

Environmental aspects play a key role in the advice we offer our customers as well. We always welcome inquiries about the safety of our products and their most effective applications. 

Mature developments

Mature developments

The DÖRKENGROUP companies offer products and services that make a difference. All new developments are subject to sophisticated processes that culminate in extensive testing. And the effects of all new activities, products and procedures are put to the test. 

Not until a product has proved its benefits and environmental compatibility beyond any doubt is it released for use by customers. For us, future-proof products have to be both useful and sustainable.



The DÖRKENGROUP companies voluntarily submit to ecological audits pursuant to EMAS and regularly apply for certification according to its strict criteria. The seal of quality endorsed by the European Union symbolises the world’s most demanding system for sustainable ecological management and calls on companies repeatedly to improve their environmental performance. 

In the context of EMAS, the divisions of DÖRKENGROUP always adopt ambitious goals and report on their performance against these targets in an annual EMAS statement validated by a state-supervised, independent environmental expert.

Environmental brochure

Extensive information on the topics of responsibility and sustainability is contained in our environmental brochure, which is available here for download.


Our divisions advocate greater sustainability

Composite construction membranes have become indispensable in contemporary housebuilding. Technically advanced modern membranes protect buildings while allowing them to ‘breathe’ and reducing their energy consumption.

Ingo Quent

Ingo Quent
Managing director of Dörken GmbH & Co. KG

Preventing or retarding corrosion preserves and creates value, conserves resources, improves yields, and contributes significantly to the functional reliability of technical systems.

Dr Martin Welp

Dr Martin Welp
Managing director of Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

CD-Color is a company that is shaping products for the future. They have to be kind to the environment, highly opaque and rich in colour, resistant to weathering, and easy and quick to use.

Bernd von Pachelbel

Bernd von Pachelbel
Managing director of CD-Color GmbH & Co. KG

We are optimising all of our recipes and developing and producing enhanced colour pastes for the palettes that our customers love. We are committed to making our colours not only richer, but also more stable and profitable. And always, without fail, gentle on the environment.

Guido Strauch

Guido Strauch
Managing director of Protec Systempasten GmbH


Safety training

Strict compliance with high standards

Safety takes utmost priority at all of our production facilities. We apply rigorous technical standards to protect our manufacturing assets and the environment. Our defences include:

  • Gas warning devices
  • Temperature and pressure alarms
  • Flame arresters 
  • Fire detection equipment
  • A sewer system that can be isolated from the public network in case of an incident

Apart from applying purely technical measures, we also look to the future by investing continuously in safe and pro-environmental refinements, and regularly training our employees in all aspects of safety. Every one of our co-workers complies with all work safety and fire protection regulations as a matter of course. In addition, all of the outside contractors we engage have to adopt and apply our high standards – and we rigorously monitor their compliance.

No matter how unlikely an incident is, we are prepared

Thanks to our safety precautions and internal quality and safety management procedures, the likelihood of an incident occurring and impacting the environment is very small. As a company that works with chemical substances, however, we cannot guarantee absolute safety.

For this reason, we have produced internal and external emergency management policies in close consultation with the local fire service, which outline the measures to be applied in order to combat and limit the impact of an incident. Our own works emergency service and crisis team enable us – in collaboration with the authorities – to respond to incidents highly professionally and, as far as possible, to avoid any adverse effects on either human health and safety or the environment. 

The action to be taken in case of an incident is described here:


We have ambitious goals

Applying a quality management system is good for our company, our employees and our environment. In order to ensure compliance with the statutory and internal objectives in each of these categories, DÖRKENGROUP has adopted a system that brings together all the regulations governing quality, safety, and environmental and fire protection.

By satisfying strict stipulations and repeatedly redefining challenging targets, we have been awarded certificates of compliance with the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 for many decades and without interruption. All DÖRKENGROUP companies also voluntarily submit to ecological audits pursuant to EMAS and thus undertake continuously to develop their internal environmental protection provisions beyond the scope of the statutory framework.


Trustworthy, fair, transparent

More than law abidance

Compliance is taken very seriously by DÖRKENGROUP and entails much more than simply abiding by the law. We observe a written code of conduct and put our values into practice in our everyday work. Theoretical compliance is pointless unless it is translated into action.

Bringing compliance to life

In the DÖRKENGROUP companies, we live by our values. We not only urge our employees to heed existing guidelines, but also work together continuously to refine the principles we wish to follow. And we name specific points of contact for all issues relating to fairness and amicability in the way that we treat one another.

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