Vacancies and tips for
graduates and
career starters

and tips for
graduates and
career starters

From all-rounders to specialists: DÖRKENGROUP offers career opportunities in a wide range of different professions, positions and fields of work. People are always our priority. This is why we also provide opportunities to career changers with other qualifications. Accordingly, we are interested not only in your vocational training or academic qualification, but especially in your practical experience to date.



And how do you start? Have a look at our vacancies or send us a speculative application!

Direct entry or traineeship?


Direct entry

Graduates or career starters generally choose direct entry for becoming a part of DÖRKENGROUP. The detailed onboarding will provide you with a thorough review of your field of work, and you’ll gradually take on more and more of the responsibilities entrusted to you. Of course, you can always count on support from experienced colleagues with the complex and challenging tasks at the beginning. The advantage of a direct entry is a clearly defined scope of responsibilities. You will soon be in charge of your field of work and earn an attractive salary from the outset.


On the other side of the coin are trainee programmes that we offer in some areas. In alternating work stations and deployments, you can get an overview of the opportunities within our company and do not have make a final decision on a field of work. After the end of your traineeship, we will renegotiate your long-term position at DÖRKENGROUP.

Application process


If your written application impresses us, we generally invite you to come to us for two to three interviews so that we can get to know each other better.

During these interviews, you will talk to various contacts, let us know why you want to work for us and learn more about your duties in our team. We often give you a small work-related challenge to get to know your strengths and give you an insight into your future field of work.

Application tips for graduates and career starters


We look forward to your application and are excited to get to know your talents. Fresh from your vocational training or college, it may be that you haven’t had many opportunities to submit an application. If yes, then you should perhaps consider asking someone you know to proofread your application or give you general tips. Check carefully for spelling mistakes and ensure that your application documents are complete and orderly.

Besides these fundamental criteria, one thing is particularly important to us: Tell us something about yourself! Win us over with your qualities in your cover letter and tell us why you are the ideal candidate for the job in question at DÖRKENGROUP. Stay authentic and pay particular attention to presenting your practical skills.

Your complete application should include the following documents:

  • Cover letter presenting your reasons and motivation for your application
  • CV in table form with information on your career (including special knowledge and events, such as languages and stays abroad)
  • Certificates of your college or school qualifications, confirmations of internships and other practical experience
  • Photo (optional)

For some areas of the company, especially in the scientific sector, we prefer graduates with university degrees, masters’ degrees or doctorates. Where this is the case, we state this requirement in the respective job advertisement. If you feel that the job descriptions are missing some information, feel free to get in touch with the contacts in the Personnel department indicated below each job description! 

Speculative application


Haven’t found the right job for you among our current vacancies? If you are still convinced that you can enrich DÖRKENGROUP, we would be delighted to receive your speculative application!

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