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DELTA-Grundmauerschutz, Drainage und Abdichtung


DIN compliant and bitumen compatible damp proof course against rising damp. Stabile and robust in wood constructions. Standard compliant to DIN 18195 and DIN 1053.


DELTA-PROTEKT is bitumen resistant. The membrane has a non-woven fabric surface on both sides. Extremely robust, with tear-out strength of > 600 N/5cm, DELTA-PROTEKT can be installed quickly and easily by just one man.


Bitumen-friendly sealing membrane made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) terpolymer with PP spun fibre non-woven fabric on the surface.


DELTA-PROTEKT is in conformity with DIN, particularly robust, and highly immune to shear forces. As the sheet is protected by cloth facings on both sides, the strip is ideal for use in wooden post and beam constructions.

Technical data

Colour Grey
Surface Rough, lightly checked
Thickness approx. 1.2mm
Tensile strength As per DIN 53354
Along: > 600 N/5 cm
Across: > 450 N/5 cm
Tear propagation strength As per DIN 53363
Along: >300 N/5 cm
Across: > 200 N/5 cm
Water column 4m, 72 hrs
Widths in cm 11.5 / 17.5 / 24 / 30 /
36.5 / 50 / 60 / 75 /
100 / 150cm
Roll length 25m

DELTA® Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke’nin tescilli markasıdır.